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Prestige World Media’s Digital Marketing Transformation for Renaissance Renovations

Client Background:

Renaissance Renovations, operating under the domain, is a reputable
bathroom and kitchen remodeling home service provider based in Denver, Colorado. With a
strong commitment to quality workmanship and superior customer service, they aimed to
expand their reach, attract more leads, and enhance their online presence to achieve sustained

Client Goals:

Renaissance Renovations approached Prestige World Media with the following objectives:
• Increase the number of qualified leads.
• Boost online visibility through organic and paid search.
• Enhance website performance and user experience.
• Implement effective email marketing campaigns.
• Improve social media engagement and brand awareness.
• Enhance overall website conversion rates.


Prestige World Media devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address
Renaissance Renovations’ specific needs and goals. This multifaceted approach included the
following key components:
1. Google and Meta Paid Ads:
Prestige World Media implemented a carefully targeted Google Ads and Meta (formerly
Facebook) advertising campaign to attract potential customers actively seeking bathroom and
kitchen remodeling services in the Denver area. This included optimizing ad copy, keywords,
and budget allocation to maximize ROI.
2. Website Redesign and Development:
The existing website underwent a complete redesign and development process on the
WordPress platform. The new website was not only visually appealing but also highly
functional, ensuring an excellent user experience. The design elements were aligned with the
client’s branding, and the site’s structure was optimized for SEO and lead generation.
3. SEO Implementation:
Prestige World Media executed a two-pronged SEO strategy, focusing on both local SEO and
technical SEO. This involved optimizing on-page and off-page factors, enhancing site speed,
and improving mobile responsiveness. Additionally, they optimized the website for local search,
ensuring that it appeared prominently in Denver’s search results for relevant keywords.
4. Email Marketing:
An effective email marketing strategy was established to nurture leads and engage with
existing customers. This included personalized email campaigns, newsletters, and targeted
promotions. Email marketing became a vital component for maintaining customer relationships
and encouraging repeat business.
5. Social Media Management:
Prestige World Media took charge of Renaissance Renovations’ social media platforms,
posting engaging content regularly and interacting with the audience. Social media was used
to showcase the company’s work, share customer testimonials, and build brand awareness.
6. Content Management and Conversion Optimization:
Content management on the website and social media platforms was integral to maintaining
brand consistency and providing valuable information to visitors. Additionally, Prestige World
Media implemented conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to maximize the
effectiveness of calls to action (CTAs) and lead generation forms.


The implementation of Prestige World Media’s digital marketing strategy led to significant
improvements for Renaissance Renovations:
• Lead Generation: The number of leads generated through the website increased by 60%
within the first six months of the campaign.
• Online Visibility: Renaissance Renovations saw a notable improvement in search engine
rankings, leading to a 45% increase in organic website traffic. Their paid advertising
campaigns also generated targeted leads efficiently.
• Website Performance: The website redesign and optimization resulted in a 30%
reduction in bounce rates, indicating improved user engagement and satisfaction.
• Email Marketing Success: Email marketing campaigns played a crucial role in retaining
and converting leads. Open rates and click-through rates improved by 20%.
• Social Media Engagement: Social media platforms experienced a 40% increase in
engagement, with an expanding follower base. This contributed to heightened brand
awareness and increased website traffic.
• Conversion Rate: The implementation of CRO techniques resulted in a 25% increase in
conversion rates, helping convert more leads into customers.

By partnering with Prestige World Media, Renaissance Renovations not only achieved their
initial goals but also set the stage for sustainable growth and continued success in the highly
competitive home remodeling industry in Denver, Colorado. The digital marketing strategies
implemented continue to yield positive results, with ongoing efforts to adapt to changing
market dynamics and customer preferences.

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