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Creating Girls on the Run Central New Jersey’s Digital Landscape


Girls on the Run Central New Jersey (GOTRCNJ) is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to empowering young girls through a curriculum that creatively
integrates running. GOTRCNJ provides a supportive community for girls,
teaching them valuable life skills and promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. Despite their impactful mission, GOTRCNJ faced the challenge of limited
awareness and a need for increased participation from both volunteer coaches
and young girls. In collaboration with Prestige World Media, GOTRCNJ
embarked on a journey to revamp their digital marketing strategy and elevate
their online presence.


• Low Brand Awareness: GOTRCNJ was relatively unknown in the
community, resulting in a lack of participants and volunteers.
• Inadequate Online Presence: The organization had a minimal
online presence with outdated social media profiles and website.
• Limited Lead Generation: GOTRCNJ struggled to generate
leads, resulting in low enrollment rates for their programs.


Over the course of Three Months, Prestige World Media devised a
comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address these challenges. The
strategy encompassed:
• Social Media Overhaul: GOTRCNJ’s social media profiles were
revamped to reflect their mission and values. Regular posting schedules
and engaging content calendars were established.
• Paid Social Media Advertising (Meta): Targeted ads were created to
reach potential volunteers and parents of girls interested in participating
in the program.
• Lead Generation: Implementing our paid social ads on Meta, this
complied a list of over 100 volunteers and over 100 parents of girls
interested in participated in the program.


The collaboration between Prestige World Media and Girls on the Run Central
New Jersey yielded impressive results:
• Brand Awareness: GOTRCNJ’s brand awareness increased significantly,
with a 40% growth in social media followers and a 60% rise in website
• Lead Generation: The digital marketing strategy generated over 200+
leads at less than $9 per lead.
• Event Participation: There was a substantial increase in girls enrolling in
GOTRCNJ programs, leading to a 25% increase in event participation.


Prestige World Media’s collaboration with Girls on the Run Central New Jersey
was instrumental in boosting the organization’s digital presence and achieving
great results for just a short period of time. Through a comprehensive digital
marketing strategy, GOTRCNJ managed to increase brand awareness, generate
more leads, and significantly enhance their community engagement. The
partnership proved to be a testament to the power of digital marketing in
advancing the mission of a nonprofit organization and empowering young girls
to lead joyful, healthy lives.

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